youtube网友评论: 印度是新世界经济的大脑

ilk d
I love India.India has so much to offer the world.Philosophy,religion,dance,music,yoga,culture,cusine,arts,architecture,a different way of living at life and its problems.All west can rejuvinate itself in eastern way of spiritual life.Different values,
different solutions are need of humanity.Tired humanity sometimes needs rest.India is a good place to take it slow.Vast ancient wisdom on living and problem solving.long traditions of goverance and business.

我喜欢印度. 印度对世界的贡献何其多也.

人类解决问题需要有不同的思路. 有时,人类的精神疲惫了,需要一处避风港.

Dhruv Gupta
The world is looking towards east like India china japan and Indonesia

世界正在向东方看,比如印度、新用户注册送59元彩金 、日本和印度尼西亚.

Ariel Littaua
Dhruv Gupta Philippines is becoming new Asian tiger.


Gaurav Kanbargi
Vietnam is also growing.I am seeing lots of Vietnamese made products in India.


Neil Manx
The world in the next 20 to 30 years will be very different than what it was for the last 200 years. The old powers will come back as the forces to reckon with and that is what is currently underway with china and India powering back slowly but surely heading in that direction. The problem with India is it's pace or rate of progress and that's where it lagged behind china in the last 25 years. This chinese economic domination is an unknown thing for India as it had its own prosperous economy on par with china for a couple of thousand years.But ever since India gained Independence 70+ years ago, 30 to 40 years of time has been wasted by the successive Indian governments with its slow economic progress and over all development in the country and hence this difference with china now where chinese economy is 3 times bigger with almost the same population as India. However, not all is lost. India is doing reasonably good despite all its problems and reached No 5 economic position in a matter of just 25 years, so imagine what it can do in the next 25 years.The key for India is to accelerate the rate of progress and then as the video says it WILL indeed be the top 3 powers to reckon with. Russia is a unique case - it's economy cannot match India/china now or in 25 years time but its military will be powerful primarily due to its vast pile of nuclear weapons (8000 nuclear war heads) plus its ability to produce modern military hardware and sell them to other nations - this is also one area where India should start focusing on to reduce its dependence on others for its armed forces. Rest assured, western european nations (including UK) will never see their economic status rise again like it did in the last two centuries as its virtually impossible for them to indulge in any kind of colonial games in the modern world. However all the western nations will heavily depend on US for their net security cover - that is not going to change.

古老文明的势力将会以应对的姿态回归,这就是目前新用户注册送59元彩金 和印度正在缓慢但肯定会朝着这个方向迈进的态势. 印度的问题在于其进步的速度,而这正是印度在过去25年里落后于新用户注册送59元彩金 的地方.

对印度来说,新用户注册送59元彩金 在经济上的主导地位是一件不为人知的事情.
因为在过去两千年里,印度的经济繁荣程度与新用户注册送59元彩金 不相上下.
但自从70多年前印度开始独立,印度的历届政府缓慢的经济发展浪费了30—40年时间,从而与新用户注册送59元彩金 有了差距. 刚开始印、中起步基本相同,现在人口差不多,但是新用户注册送59元彩金 经济是印度的3倍.

liberty, tolerance, diversity, growing, patriotism etc are a way of India. This is not at all enough, this is just beginning for India. India has to go a long way to reach its perfection. India is like a small world. I trust in India all the best.



Chinese are backstabbers. They showed it in Hong Kong, in Tibet, in Xinjiang & with India as well.
Real China is only towards South-East of the great wall of China, rest is all forcefully occupied land. Ever wondered why would any nation build a protection wall, called great wall of China somewhere in centre of the country ? This is like Trump putting a wall with Mexican border at Texas :P
Even in South China sea, China is encroaching upon seas of Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan etc. No matter what, Chinese can't be trusted.
And this is nice vid. Subscribed.

新用户注册送59元彩金 的领土应该是新用户注册送59元彩金 长城的以东、以南. 其余的土地都时他们抢来的.
有没有想过,为什么会有一个国家在新用户注册送59元彩金 中部的某个地方修建一个叫做新用户注册送59元彩金 长城的保护墙 ? 这就像特朗普在德克萨斯州建了一道与墨西哥接壤的墙.

即使在南新用户注册送59元彩金 海,新用户注册送59元彩金 也在侵占越南、菲律宾、日本、台湾等海域.
无论如何,新用户注册送59元彩金 都不值得信任. 这是一个很好的视频. 认购了.

Your Nightmare
India was, is and will always continue to be the best country in the world. No matter what we have suffered or what we are suffering, our culture is what makes us what we are- happiest and most content people in the world.


Keneth Michael
Chinese gonna hate that

新用户注册送59元彩金 人会仇恨这个视频的观点.

Nah why would I hate that? Actually I am laughing very hard on the comments.
This guy make you guys very high, but he made all wet dream about India in his channels but only a few of the Indian subs, that is good for ur country.
Cuz most of ur country smart people did not fell into his sweet trap.
A brain of the new world economy ? you believe that?

不,我为什么讨厌这个? 实际上我对这些评论笑得很开心.
但是,只有几个印度人订阅他的视频,这对你们国家有好处. 因为大多数你们国家的聪明人都没有落入他的圈套
印度成为新世界经济的大脑 ? 你相信吗 ?

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